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What Sets Us Apart

The philosophy of the Care Connection provides the spirit and inspiration for accomplishing our mission and our goals. The statements below are principles and values that guide our relationship with our clients their families and our team. We are committed to improve our lives and the lives of our clients focused on wellness we emphasize to:   have good nutrition, exercise, social interaction and a positive mental attitude.  

Our Mission

To reach out and improve the quality of life. To make the years dignified and meaningful. To preserve autonomy and respect for our clients and their families. To serve with love as we will need and want to be served in the future.


Care Connection will design a customized care plan through outgoing home visits. Each client and their family is instrumental in the development of the care plan, which forms the type and frequency of the services provided. Support is available overnight, weekends, evenings and holidays. Live-in and on-call emergency services are available. The following standard plans are offered as a guideline.

CarePlus: For families requiring continual care, CarePlus is a 24-hour per day program. Continual interaction and attention to clients' needs are provided.

DailyCare: For families, DailyCare provides assistance five times a week, usually Monday through Friday.

WeeklyCare: With visits just once per week, this program is designed to give families a day, weekends or times for respite, travel or emergencies.

Customer Service

CARE CONNECTION will introduce qualified, screened, compatible professionals who are ready to meet the unique needs of our client in their place of residence. These home services enable our clients to continue living comfortably at home for as long as possible. High quality, fast and reliable services provided by caring professionals assures client satisfaction.

Client Confidentiality

We follow all state federal and ethical guidelines pertaining to client confidentiality. For a detailed list of our policies and practices please call or email us and we will send you a copy. Please be assured that your information is safe with us.

Case Management

Case Management is included in all Care Connection services. Case Managers share their extensive experiences in health care, community service, counseling and physical training with Hawaii's families.

Her vision emphasizes choice, control and dignity,                               As Case Manager for The Care Connection, Suzie Tre
All emphasizing choice, control and dignity, based on the individual's needs in all facets of client care.