Wellness Through Independence

   Our care concept is open and flexible. It includes transportation, shopping, obtaining supplies, personal care and home care and more. The customized programs match each client's individual needs with the idea of developing and building a healthy routine. Emphasis is placed on wellness through independence, incorporating the four cornerstones of our philosophy: Nutrition, Exercise, Social Interaction and a Positive Mental Attitude.

NUTRITION: - Health and wellness begins with proper nutrition. Services can include meal preparation, liquid replenishment, applying physician food plans and encouragement with medicines, assisting in grocery shopping, menu selection, body fat management and oral hygiene.

EXERCISE: - A regime that exercises the body is instrumental to overall health. Programs may include, range of motion, exercise, massage, walking or strolling, stretching, and monitoring of physical condition and progression.

SOCIAL INTERACTION: - Vitality is established through companionship, story-telling, correspondence, club or community group outings, doctor visits, quality time with family and friends.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: - Encouragement and support are the foundations for the healthy mindset. Building the confidence of our client's and promoting client choice is incorporated in the delivery of every service.

Care Connection is available day and night, providing case management for our clients. Emergency on-call assistance is available. We maintain contact with family members and clients. Constant communication assures quality of service, client satisfaction and gives family members peace of mind. We offer a wide range of plans and services. Central to each of our plans is prevention. By helping maintain healthy lives, we increase our own and our clients' ability to manage health care costs.